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At Presence Health, we care for your heart at every beat. That’s why we’ve brought the latest technologies and treatments for arrhythmias – heart rhythm disorders – to the communities where you live and work.

Our goal is to make getting the lifesaving care you need easy, providing innovative new treatments right at your doorstep. You have enough stress on your heart. Getting treatment shouldn’t add to it.

What is an Arrhythmia?

An arrhythmia is an abnormal heart rhythm, or heart beat. One in 500 to 700 people is born with an arrhythmia, which is caused by extra tissue or an extra connection in the heart that makes it beat too fast or slow. Cardiac electrophysiology is the study of your heart’s electrical activity, which is responsible for the rhythm at which your heart beats.

Arrhythmia Treatment at Presence Health: Why Choose Us

We designed our robust cardiac electrophysiology program with you in mind.  Our experts look at your heart as well as your overall health needs and lifestyle to make important decisions about your care.

We want you living life on your terms and offer the safest, most effective procedures available to get you there. That includes some of the most successful, highest volume and shortest EP procedure times in the Midwest.

We offer:

  • Brand new electrophysiology (EP) labs: Our new EP labs use advanced technology, like 3D carto-navigation, to precisely map the heart in real-time. When we diagnose a problem, we often treat patients with minimally invasive techniques such as catheter ablation.
  • Leader in new arrhythmia treatments: Our treatments include a number of firsts, including the Kankakee area’s first implantation of the world's only defibrillator that can protect patients from sudden cardiac arrest without having to touch the heart and the first in Illinois to offer cryogenic ablation, a new treatment for atrial fibrillation.
  • Extensive experience in EP procedures: Our experienced specialists have performed over 2,500 EP procedures with excellent outcomes. That type of high volume makes us the region’s leading experts.
  • Highly skilled electrophysiologists: Our cardiac electrophysiologists are board-certified and have trained an additional one to two years in their field beyond what is required.
  • Comprehensive Pacemaker Clinics: We regularly check on your pacemaker or implanted defibrillator to adjust its programming, monitor battery status and check pacemaker leads to ensure proper functioning.

      Atrial Fibrillation and Arrhythmia Services at Presence Health

      In our electrophysiology labs and arrhythmia clinics, we focus on getting you back to the things you care about the most. Our expert physicians not only diagnose, manage and cure arrhythmias, but also provide the support you need to cope with your heart rhythm disorder.

      Our comprehensive  services include:

      • Electrophysiology (EP) studies: Pinpoint the location of arrhythmias using thin catheters that record electrical signals in the heart muscle. During the procedure, you are awake and able to report how you feel.
      • Tilt-table testing: Evaluates the cause of unexplained fainting and dizziness by tilting you from a lying to a standing position 
      • Nips (Non-invasive program stimulation): Tests and customizes the programming in your defibrillator
      • Pacemaker and defibrillator implantation
      • Cardiac resynchronization therapy: Treats atrial fibrillation by shocking your heart to resets the its electrical activity back into a normal rhythm
      • Pacemaker clinics
      • Defibrillator clinics
      • Cardiac ablation: Minimally invasive technique to cure arrhythmias by using radiofrequency energy heat to destroy tissues that cause them
      • Sensei X® Robotic-Assisted Cardiac Navigation System: Technology that allows your physician to access areas of the heart previously too difficult to reach during an EP procedure, all while reducing your exposure to radiation.

        Presence Health Arrhythmia Care Locations

        We offer arrhythmia care at locations throughout Illinois. Learn more about the specific services we provide at the Presence Health hospital closest to you:

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