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If you’re suffering from knee pain, you may be surprised to know it doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of aging. It’s important to stay active into our later years and if your knees hurt too much for climbing stairs or driving, it may be time to consider knee replacement surgery. Presence Health is here to listen to your concerns and your goals. Our joint care team is skilled in dozens of specialties and can help you take the steps you need to achieve easier mobility and pain-free activities.

To learn about our knee replacement program, or schedule a consultation, call 877.737.4636 or find a location below.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

During knee replacement surgery, your surgeon removes damaged cartilage surfaces on the ends of your tibia and femur plus a small amount of the underlying bone. The cartilage is replaced with metal parts that recreate the surface of the joint and resurfaces the kneecap to work with the new joint. Finally, a medical-grade plastic spacer is inserted between the metal parts to create a smooth, gliding joint.

Nationally Recognized for Knee Replacement

As the only Center of Excellence for Knee and Hip Replacements in the area, Presence Health has a proven record of performing successful joint replacement surgeries with the best results for our patients, giving you peace of mind about your procedure.

Precise Diagnoses

Many of our hospitals use some of the most advance imaging technology available, including 64-slice CT, which helps us quickly pinpoint your problem and put you on the fast track to treatment. In some cases, knee pain is best resolved without replacing the joint. Our surgeons are highly trained in options including arthroscopic surgery, in which a small telescope is inserted through tiny incisions to diagnose and treat knee pain, and reconstructive surgery, which repairs torn knee ligaments and cartilage to alleviate pain and restore range of motion.

Speedy Recovery

When surgery is the best solution, our 3D, computer-assisted technology allows for smaller incisions and better precision—which often means less pain and more mobility. And you’ll bounce back faster from your surgery with our comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation. Our compassionate staff, including advanced-certified rehabilitation nurses, is focused on relieving your pain, restoring strength and function, all while helping prevent future problems.

Be Seen Within 72 Hours

Our Express Access orthopedists are available within three days of your call at convenient locations throughout Chicago and the suburbs. They’ll work with you to create your personal plan to wellness - whether that includes therapy, minimally invasive treatments or the latest in knee joint replacement. Don’t wait weeks to get relief, call 877.959.1931 to see an orthopedist right away.

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