Presence Health

Presence Health offers free, wireless Internet access for patients and visitors.

Guest Wireless Internet Access provides the capability for patients and visitors to utilize their personal wireless enabled device(s), such as laptops, smart phones etc., to access the internet from within Presence Health facilities using 802.11 b/g protocols, at no charge.

Instructions for Accessing Free Wireless Internet at Presence Health

  1. Turn on your wireless device

  2. Activate your wireless card, if necessary

  3. Launch your Web Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox) The guest network is either called RESguest, or has Provena_Guest in the title.

  4. Review the Terms and Conditions.  If you agree, then select "Connect to Internet"

  5. By selecting "Connect to Internet" you agree to the Terms and Conditions and you will be able to browse the Internet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Presence Health associates access internal Presence Health systems as done from home through VPN?

A: No. The Presence Guest Wi-Fi network is intended for use by guests and patients only and should not be used for Presence Health business purposes.

Q: Do I have to agree to the Terms & Conditions before I can use guest access?

A: Yes

Q: Is a login name or password required?

A: No

Q: Is there a limit on how long I can use guest access?

A: No but RESguest will timeout after 4 hours and force users to reconnect.  

Q: Does Presence Health provide virus, worm or security protection for my device while I am using guest access?

A: No. It is recommended you have this protection before using any internet service.

Q: Does Presence Health filter inappropriate web sites?

A: Yes, although we cannot verify all inappropriate sites will be filtered.

Q: What protocols are supported?

A: 802.11 b/g. Bluetooth is not supported.

Q: Who do I contact if I need wireless capability added to my device or if I am having an issue connecting with my device?

A: Consult a local computer business or your hardware manufacturer for issues with your device. Utilize the toll-free support line for issues with the wireless access if you already have appropriate wireless hardware and have confirmed that your wireless card is active and is functioning properly: 1.80.345.2180.



The Presence Health support line will walk customers through very basic troubleshooting steps. Presence Health will not provide technical assistance beyond connecting to the Presence Health Guest WiFi network. It is recommended that customers wanting to utilize the free Presence Health guest WiFi network have some experience with connecting to wireless networks.         


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