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Our Medical Group offers several financial assistance programs. The amount of assistance you receive is determined by financial assistance guidelines. You may also be eligible for public programs such as Medicaid, Medicare or AllKids. Applying for such programs may be required prior to applying for a financial assistance program.

Available financial assistance programs apply only to our charges.

The Medical Group financial assistance programs include:

Uninsured financial assistance

Available to: Uninsured patients

Description: Offers free care or discounted care based on family size and income according to the federal poverty guidelines

How to apply: Complete the Financial assistance program application

Payment plan program

Available to: Uninsured and insured patients

Description: Assists patients with their financial obligations by establishing payment arrangements

How to apply: Contact the Medical Group central billing office at 888.693.2252.

How to apply for financial assistance

Our goal is to make applying for financial assistance as easy as possible.  Once you have filled out the application and any supporting document, return it to the location where you received care, or mail it to:

Presence Medical Group 
Financial assistance
1000 Remington Blvd. Suite 100 
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

We will review your application to see if you qualify for assistance according to the eligibility criteria. If there are special circumstances that affect your ability to pay, these may be reviewed by the respective hospital financial assistance committee.

You will receive a written decision within 45 days of applying. If you are denied assistance, the decision letter will provide the reason for denial. The decision will also provide you with information on how to set up a payment plan, if applicable, or how to appeal the decision.

Questions? Contact the Medical Group central business office at 888.693.2252.

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