Career Development and Education

Resurrection Health Care offers an environment in which therapists are encouraged and supported to achieve their career goals. Therapists are actively involved in identifying best practices and using evidence to guide their delivery of care. Teamwork is valued; problem-solving and decision-making are rewarded.

From your first day, we will work with you to provide orientation, guide you through protocols, offer insight and perspective, and cultivate your clinical and leadership skills. This spirit of partnership continues as your responsibilities expand, ensuring you'll have the support you need to meet your career goals.

RHC offers our therapists great continuing education and career growth options, including:

Orientation and Mentoring Program

The first day on the job is spent in an orientation program designed to welcome new employees and present information about RHC's mission, vision and values as well as policies, practices and philosophies. This is followed by a job-specific orientation conducted within your department.

Each new therapist is assigned a mentor who provides one-on-one support and guidance throughout the orientation period to support mastery of the skills necessary to complete assigned duties. This professional relationship extends throughout the new employee's career at RHC. Therapists always have a mentor resource available as needed.

Therapists also work with clinical leadership to analyze their practice and set goals for future development. Therapists, clinical leadership, and other colleagues constantly challenge each other to dig deeper and strive for more thorough clinical understanding and professional insight.

Educational Opportunities

RHC is committed to the education and development of its employees and provides many ongoing learning opportunities that improve the performance of our system, enhance individual job performance and foster professional growth. We offer a number of options including:

  • Tuition Reimbursement - Therapists pursuing additional degrees and/or certifications are eligible for tuition reimbursement for course credits, up to $4,000 per year for full-time and up to $2,000 per year for part-time.
  • Continuing Education - Department funds are available for employees interested in taking a professional seminar or training program that supports current and future career skills.
  • Department of Education and Organization Development - Our system-wide training division supports our commitment to professional excellence and philosophy of continuous performance improvement through education, training and development, providing continuing education for both technical and leadership expertise.
  • Department, hospital and system-focused learning opportunities - We offer a wide variety of in-house educational workshops, inservices, grand rounds, and other locally sponsored continuing education events.

Other Opportunities include:

  • Service on interdisciplinary committees within the hospital and/or across the system.
  • Community outreach activities, such as community health fairs and seminars, high school and university career mentor programs, and more.
  • Lecture Opportunities - Therapists are guided and mentored to grow as presenters and to share their expertise through lectures and presentations - from in-house and local events to national and state conferences.
  • Support for Specialist Certification - RHC values and supports specialty certification. Many of our therapists are board certified, with specialties that include Orthopedics, Sports, Neurology, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary, and Geriatrics.
  • Opportunities for pursuing research and integrating evidence based research into clinical practice.

Clinical Student Program

RHC offers exceptional clinical educational opportunities to students from a variety of universities that often result in permanent placement. Through their work with the students, experienced staff has the opportunity to develop expertise as clinical instructors, further developing and challenging their own leadership and clinical skill.

Clinical Ladder Program

The RHC Clinical Ladder Program is a year long process promoting both professional and personal development. It provides therapists an opportunity to be recognized for their advanced clinical skills, increase their income, and become more involved in leadership roles within the organization.

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