Admission Procedure

Applications will be accepted after February 4th for the following Fall class. Applicants must complete all admission requirements.

"Buckle up!! Stay focused it will pay off in the end." T.L.
  1. Step One
    Applicant must have the following on file with the School of Radiography:
    • Completed application
    • Application fee - $50. Cash/Check or Money order payable to Saint Francis School of Radiography. The application fee is non-refundable.
    • Official high school transcripts (GED or foreign transcript with proof of US equivalency)
    • Official college transcripts - Proof of Associates or higher degree achievement is required. Associate degree equivalency credit hours will be evaluated.
    • Three letters of recommendation (2 work/educational and 1 personal)
    • TOEFL examination results (if applicable)
  2. Step Two
    An applicant satisfactorily completing step one and meeting the admission requirements will be required to take an entrance examination.
  3. Step Three
    Applicants successfully completing Step II will be invited to interview.
  4. Step Four
    After review and evaluation of all data from Steps I-III, and within a specified time, the school will notify the applicant in writing regarding acceptance or rejection. The number of students that can be admitted each year is limited. Therefore, admission procedures are used to select the candidates who are considered the best qualified to be admitted to the program. Satisfaction of admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants not accepted into the program who wish to be considered in the selection process for a future term must reapply.
  5. Step Five
    To fulfill all requirements for acceptance in to the program, a student must complete a health screening. Students must present lab reports regarding immune status for measles, rubella, varicella and Hepatitis B vaccine series, four weeks prior to start date. Students must also complete a criminal background check and a ten-panel drug screen at this time. Students will assume responsibility of the cost of the criminal background check, health screening, and ten panel drug test. Students are notified of class start dates and locations. Students are required to have a valid social security number and proof of insurance in order to be eligible.
Call 877-RES-INFO for Nurse Advice, Doctor Referrals or Class Registration Monday - Friday 8 am to 8 pm • Weekends 8 am to 4pm

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