Mission of the Program

"Thank you for the knowledge, support, friendship and love, and most of all thank you for making me a better person." A.C.

The Saint Francis School of Radiography is committed to excellence in education. We provide the healthcare community with competent, entry-level professionals in the field of Medical Imaging. The graduate acquires the knowledge and clinical experience necessary to qualify for the National Registry examination.

Our Philosophy

This program has been developed to provide the necessary technical skills to promote responsible and dedicated technologists. The student's professional capacity is built on progressive maturity, social and emotional values. It is of the utmost importance that he/she learns the meaning of human dignity and his/her responsibility to the patient, the profession and him/herself. By incorporating the Presence Health Core Values of Honesty, Oneness, People, and Excellence, the School of Radiography is dedicated to developing knowledgeable, patient centered healthcare professionals.

Goals of the Program

In support of the program's mission statement, the program has developed the following:

  1. Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills on the clinical floor.

    • Students will demonstrate effective written communication in the classroom setting

    • Students will be able to verbally evaluate radiographs
  2. Students will develop critical thinking skills for application in the clinical setting.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will adapt standard protocols for non-routine examinations.

    • Students will critique images for diagnostic quality and devise necessary factors for quality improvement.
  3. Students of the program will be clinically competent.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will demonstrate accuracy in positioning skills.

    • Students will select appropriate technical factors.

    • Students will demonstrate proper radiation protection practices.
  4. Students will model professionalism.

    Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will demonstrate high ethical standards.

    • Students will summarize their professional development career plan.

Special Features

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