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Patients Share Stories about Award-Winning Care

What will you find at our medical center?

Award-winning care right in your own neighborhood. For more than a century, we've taken care of generations of families and friends in our community — and all over the Chicago area. Why do they come back? Our patients feel comfortable here. They like the outstanding, compassionate care they receive from our doctors and nurses each step of the way. They trust us with their care.

Our patients have shared their stories about their care — from diagnostic to treatment. Read about their experiences at the medical center and what they say about our team of doctors, nurses and staff.

Keeping patients healthy at every age is our goal. When patients become ill, we help them to regain their health so they can live life to the fullest. Whether patients need primary or specialty care, we offer comprehensive services to get them healthy and back on track.

For an inside look at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, take a few minutes to read our patients' stories.

Patient stories are listed by medical specialty below.

Breast Cancer

Bertha Villalpando A breast cancer survivor, Bertha Villalpando likes the caring, attentive staff at the medical center, where she's been a patient for more than 35 years. 
Gloria LoSasso Since 1998, Gloria LoSasso has undergone two mastectomies and other surgeries, but has a positive outlook on life.

Breast Imaging

Mary Reyes Mary Reyes wasn't fond of mammograms due to the pain, but noticed the new digital equipment was more comfortable.

Cardiac Care

Joaquin Salgado Joaquin Salgado is doing well after undergoing a mini-sternotomy - a minimally invasive open heart procedure for aortic valve replacement.
Brittany Carminati On September 30, 2014, Brittany Carminati's heart stopped and she went into cardiac arrest. She considers the excellent care she received at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center as life-saving.
Tony Fitzpatrick Tony Fitzpatrick heart attack survivor says, “I think of Presence Health as a beating heart with a human touch. It is like a big family, and I owe them my life. My amazing care not only restored my health, it restored my life – all with a human touch.”

Certified Nurse-Midwives

Jenny Shully Jenny Shully and her husband had a satisfying and positive journey using a certified nurse-midwife in the birth of a healthy baby daughter.

Chronic Wounds

Rosa Boyd Rosa Boyd was at risk of losing her foot from a severe and chronic wound, but after months of innovative care, she can walk again.

Ear, Nose and Throat

Donald Shatner Nasal-reconstructive surgery turned around Donald Shatner's life — he could smell again!

FertilityCare Center

Jill Proffitt Jill Proffitt and her fiancé, Kelton Stecklein, attended an introductory session about natural family planning at the FertilityCare Center. They decided they wanted to pursue this path.


Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor says The Family Birthplace staff made her pregnancy and delivery seem easy.



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