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The CT Heart Scan is recommended for individuals with one or more risk factors for coronary heart disease, but have no current or prior clinical symptoms. Screening is not recommended for patients who are pregnant or patients who have a personal history of prior heart attack, prior or current angina or chest pain symptoms, prior heart surgeries or metal implants in the chest.

The CT Heart scan can detect plaque in the heart arteries before symptoms occur. Calcium deposits in the heart arteries, also known as plaques can build up over time and block an artery. As arteries become increasingly blocked, less blood passes through to the heart, resulting in symptoms such as chest pain or heart attack. A quick and simple CT scan takes detailed computer images of the heart and arteries to determine the presence of calcified plaque. The resulting “Calcium Score” directly correlates with the risk of cardiac events, such as heart attacks. The results can help your doctor decide whether to start preventive medicine or to take other measures to lower your risk for heart attack.

Call the Presence Health Info Line at 877-737-4636 to see if you qualify for a $99 Presence Heart Scan Screening.
Team up with a relative or friend and schedule both individuals for a special discount of 2 for $149.
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