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Nagging joint pain can make take the pleasure out of even the most enjoyable activities. If you’ve been suffering from undiagnosed joint pain, Presence Health offers arthroscopic surgery performed by board-certified surgeons using state-of the-art technology to help provide relief.

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Finding the Source of Your Pain

With arthroscopy, your surgeon makes a buttonhole-sized incision to insert a small lens and lighting system to get a close look at the interior of your joint – typically a shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or wrist. The resulting image is viewed on a television screen and the surgeon is able to diagnose and in some cases even correct the source of your pain. For example, a tiny pair of scissors can be inserted to trim a torn meniscus.

Less Pain, Faster Recovery

Arthroscopy has several advantages over open surgery (where larger incisions are required and procedures are more invasive). For one, arthroscopy enables accurate diagnosis, since your surgeon gets a clearer picture of your injury or what’s causing your pain. Also, the smaller incisions mean your post-op movement won’t be inhibited and you’ll have much smaller scars. Plus you’ll be able to go home much sooner – often the same day – and get back to your normal life in just a few days.

Arthroscopy Excellence in the Chicago Area

A number of Presence Health’s hospitals have been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval™ by the Joint Commission, which lets you know you’ll receive excellent care and the best possible outcomes from your surgery.

Expert Rehabilitation Care

After the procedure, our compassionate orthopedic rehabilitation team will build on your surgeon’s good work, creating a program of therapy to meet your specific needs and goals, and to arm you with strategies and tools to prevent future injury. In addition to offering proven methods and the most innovative techniques available to relieve pain and restore strength, Presence Health is the only provider in Illinois to offer the full spectrum of rehabilitative care.

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