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Saint Joseph Hospital Physician First in Chicago to Perform New and Leading Edge Bariatric Surgery

No-cut weight loss procedure is promising

CHICAGO, Ill – Laura Adair, 45, has struggled with an unhealthy weight for the past 20 years. She can’t walk up the stairs without feeling significant pain in her knees or losing her breath, at times to the point of a near panic attack. She wants to live a healthy lifestyle; she wants to regain control over her life. Typical diet and exercise programs haven’t worked for her. Even though she’s had success at losing weight—up to 60 lbs. at one point—she always puts it back on.

After much thought, Adair decided to have bariatric surgery. “I just don’t want to live like this anymore,” she said. “Most people take for granted [the easiness of] walking up a flight of stairs or even just walking. I want to get to a healthy weight. I don’t want to be tired all the time,” she added. Adair will be the first patient in Chicago to undergo a laparoscopic gastric plication surgery at Saint Joseph Hospital (SJH) in Chicago.

Laparoscopic gastric plication is an innovative procedure that will revolutionize the field of bariatric surgery. It is simpler than traditional gastric bypass procedures, and does not require the use of a device, such as a lap-band that is left inside the body. It is a minimally invasive approach that simply requires folding the stomach and stitching it up to reduce its size and limit food intake, without actually cutting the stomach or removing any parts of it. Patients feel full and satisfied after eating very little. And, if ever necessary, the surgery is reversible.

“Gastric plication is a new and exciting option that appears to be the least invasive at this time, since we do not divide or remove the stomach or use a foreign body,” said Rami Lutfi, MD, FACS, medical director of the Chicago Institute of Advanced Bariatrics at SJH. “Although we are still collecting data [on outcomes], in theory, gastric plication is potentially safer, far less expensive, and much simpler than traditional bariatric surgery.”

Gastric plication costs $8,000 at Saint Joseph Hospital, whereas other traditional bariatric surgeries run between $15,000-$30,000. Additionally, patients with lower BMIs who might not qualify for a traditional bariatric procedure are candidates for gastric plication surgery.

Dr. Lutfi will perform Chicago’s first revolutionary new laparoscopic gastric plication surgery at SJH, on Wednesday, October 5 at 8 a.m. Members of the media are invited to view the procedure at Saint Joseph Hospital, 2900 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago. Please contact Margo Schafer at 773/665-4842 for further details and access. Complimentary parking is available.


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